Peer-Reviewed Papers

The impact of behavioural risk reduction interventions on willingness to pay to avoid sexually transmitted infections: a stated preference study of justice-involved youth
Dealy, Bern C., Horn, Brady P., Bohara, Alok K., Berrens, Robert P., and Bryan, Angela D.
(Applied Economics, Forthcoming)

The impact of clandestine methamphetamine labs on property values: Discovery, decontamination and stigma
Dealy, Bern C., Horn, Brady P., and Berrens, Robert P.
(Journal of Urban Economics, 2017)

The economic impact of project MARS (motivating adolescents to reduce sexual risk)
Dealy, Bern C., Horn, Brady P., Callahan, Tiffany J., and Bryan, Angela D.
(Health Psychology, 2013)


Essays on risky health behaviors

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